ICT and Coding

Technology is a tool that today’s children are very interested in. Technology, which is an indispensable part of education, is used effectively in our schools to prepare our students for the future with a solid foundation, starting from our preschool groups.

In order to raise individuals who use technology efficiently, our computer education program starts at the preschool education center and continues until the end of high school. Knowing the purposes of using the computer, turning the computer on and off, recognizing basic units, and gaining manual skills for using the keyboard and mouse are among the objectives of the program implemented in preschool. Computer-assisted education also improves children’s hand-eye coordination, perception abilities, cognitive development and creativity.

In our program, which also includes the use of tablets, students are guided to use technology correctly and effectively. In addition to the applications that contribute to the development of our students and support them in learning while having fun, coding lessons are also carried out with tablet support.