Why NEC?

Strong Academic Staff, Investigative and Inquisitive Freedom
The Near East Preschool program is prepared in a way that supports all development areas, considering that development is a whole.

We attach great importance to the emotional, physical, spiritual, social, psychological, and cognitive development of our children. To this end, we plan our program and design our educational settings so that our children can benefit from a well-rounded and rich education.

Whole person development and learning requires a well-designed, safe and proper environment.  Ensuring this environment, Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia Preschool encourages children to follow their curiosity and dreams. A child embracing learning at a younger age will develop further throughout his/her life.

Believing that each student is a free individual, our staff help the students express their talents, become respectful, loving, tolerant individuals, and develop their self-confidence and skills.

Inquiry-Based Education Program
Our parallel bilingual program encourages students to be active, caring, and lifelong learners who understand that other people can have their own truth with their differences as well.

Designed for students aged 3-6, our program aims to enable children to discover experiences related to the environment they live in by making use of the knowledge they have acquired before.

English Learning Program
The "English Learning Program", which is carried out with a holistic approach together with our preschool program in which an inquiry-based learning model is applied, has been structured in line with the principle regarding mother tongue acquisition model addressed in the literature.

In the light of these scientific data, our program is carried out in cooperation with Cambridge University Press.

Getting Ready for Primary School
Since we are the starting point in our children's educational lives, it is one of our fundamental goals to make them ready for primary school education and help them take their next steps at the most important moment.

We provide our children with all the support and personal attention they need to be self-confident, tolerant and respectful as well as being knowledgeable and equipped individuals so that they can be ready for a primary school program.

Our program has also been tailored to facilitate the transition of children to primary school and help them gain school maturity.

Bilingual Program
Parallel bilingual programs are not a new approach. The system, which is used successfully in various countries of the world, is the most effective form of bilingual education that produces lifelong advantages for our children.

With its parallel bilingual education system, Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia Preschool offers a quality academic program in fluency of both Turkish and English languages. Both Turkish and English are used as daily communication and learning languages. Half of the school hours are reserved for learning English and the other half for learning Turkish.

Second Foreign Language Education: French
French is taught as a second foreign language from the age of 3 in order to introduce our students to different cultures and languages at an early age. In our education program where French lesson takes place every day, our children continue to take French lessons from the age of 3 until the last year of primary school.

Science Workshop
With the experiments carried out in the Science Workshop, our children learn practically the processes of comprehending information, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating and producing products. Adopting the approach relied on "First apply, then explain" method, the science workshop provides a scientific platform for students, where they can take action spontaneously,  acquire experience required to understand the concepts and ideas underlying the subject and develop their critical thinking skills. Science workshop activities allow students to discover on their own, learn to question and draw conclusions, and build higher thinking systems. In order to reinforce creative thinking, observation, and questioning perspective, the science workshop and experiment laboratory make it possible for our children to discover and learn while having fun.

Yoga – Mandala – Mindfulness
We also support the physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual development of our children with yoga-mandala and mindfulness studies included in our Preschool curriculum. Our school applies Mindfulness ELINE SNEL method simultaneously with the developed countries of the world. This method covers themes such as mindfulness education for kids, observation, a sense of self-confidence, and self-compassion.

Emergency Health Insurance
In order to maintain the health of our students in the best way, as Near East Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia Preschool, we have brought into service an "Emergency Health Insurance" in collaboration with Near East University Hospital and Near East Health Insurance.

The “Emergency Health Insurance” covers all our students and does not bring any additional fee or financial burden to the parents. This insurance provides our students with the opportunity to experience the joy of the privilege of being a member of Near East family. Regardless whether it is during school hours or outside school hours, the health expenses of our students on the health issues covered by the insurance are met by the "Emergency Health Insurance".

Emergency Health Insurance” covers important health expenses up to 10,000 TL as well as emergency and specified outpatient treatments of our students. In addition, in health issues not covered by the insurance, all our students have the privilege of benefiting from the facilities of our hospital with a 30% discount.