In the pre-school education process, the importance of school-family cooperation cannot be ignored. The first educators of children are their parents. In the education process at school, it is necessary to show an approach that supports parents, provides them with information about child development and education, and enables them to participate in their children's education. The active participation of parents in the education process at school both enriches the education programs and supports the development of the child and family.

The involvement of parents in the education of the child in the early period enables them to look at their own child in a positive way, promotes the child's self-confidence, and a change tin he society's perspective on the child and the child's education. We should know that every child carries traces of the family environment when he/she comes to school and from the school environment when he/she goes back home.

Taking into account this fact, we organize parent-participated events at our school. In order to allow the children to spend quality, educational and fun time with their parents, we determine various project topics that the child and their parents can prepare together (toy making from materials, the sky, our domestic product-culture exhibition, I research and produce, what does my family do?, “Little Hands with Their Parents Create Great Beauties event, etc.). In addition, "Portfolio Presentation" is organized twice a year. Family participation is also ensured by organizing events for various special days.

"Mother Support Training Seminar" organized by our guidance unit, various training camps organized by Yoga-Mandala-Mindfulness workshop are also held.